Pony Club Camp

Review by Lucy Warner

Pony club camp was amazing probably the best 3 days of my summer! We did all sorts from poo picking to 1 day eventing....we were so lucky to have the local farmer lend us his field for the few days, it was absolutely perfect!

Day 1

When we arrived at pony club we had to carry all of our stuff for the three days into the caravan. Putting up our tents was harder than it looked, but after many attempts we finally had a fully set up camp! Moving all our gear wasn’t easy either as most of us had bought everything but the kitchen sink! 

We were all allocated a horse to ride and a horse each to look after - we had to turn the them out, make their feeds, muck out their stable and basically make sure they had everything they needed. It was such a treat, & it really made us feel like we had our own ponies (as well as realising how much hard work came with it)!! 

Over lunch a lady came to speak to us about food and nutrition. Did you know you should eat as much fruit and veg as you do carbs each day? Sadly, the wasps also paid a lot of attention to our food & were very interested in our sandwiches that day!!

After lunch we brought our horses in from their fields and got them ready for a whole afternoon of riding. Group 1 rode first, we did dressage and a quick walk round the x country course. Getting the chance to pop over a few of the jumps was great fun and really got us looking forward to the days ahead! Groups 2 & 3 then got their turn in the school, spending time getting used to the ponies that they would be riding.

After all the groups had ridden it was all about preparing the horses for the night, we made feeds, filled nets & water buckets & wiped down the bridles. Next came a visit to Will’s tuck shop to buy marshmallows and lots of sweets ready for the campfire with Spencer!

Following a yummy tea of sausage egg and beans, Spencer taught us all how to build campfire, it was great fun! We sang campfire songs and played a game of charades which was hilarious and had all in stitches! We finally rolled into our beds, with big smiles on our faces & tummies stuffed with toasted marshmallows and sweets! ......

Day 2

Everyone was up at 6 (apart from Hannah and Rachel!) & we went down to the stables at 07.30am in our pjs to turn our ponies out into the paddocks. Once they were sorted we went back to camp to have breakfast and get ready for the day ahead! Another tasty (but wasp invaded) meal later, with the washing up done & sandwiches made for lunch & it was time to prepare our ponies properly for a fun-filled day of riding! While we were having our lunch we watched a video on road safety in preparation for the test we were going to be taking that evening! After lunch we went back to the stables to get our gear on for a show jumping session with hannah or Rachel in the field. Group 1 rode 1st, followed by groups 2 & 3, it was really good and great practice for the 1 day event the following day!  Whilst the horses were having a rest we practiced grooming and plaiting. Later that evening we went on another ride this time to take our road rider test which meant we had to know what safety gear to wear and how to be safe on the road. After each group had ridden we untacked our horses and got them settled down for the night. We went back to camp and got into our swimming stuff then jumped ,or if your a bit more careful stepped into will and Connie’s paddling pool. It was absolutely freezing and will, Connie, Archie, Minnie and Recker were splashing and jumping everywhere! When we came out of the pool we got into our pj’s and sat down for our delicious tea another BBQ. We had another campfire and settled down for an early night for an early start the next morning.

Day 3 was the best day of them all. We had to be woken up by Hannah at 7:15 that morning! We went down to turn our ponies out and then came back up to the camp for breakfast! We had breakfast and made our lunch then we went and got ourselves dressed and ready for a hard, show day! Next we mucked out the stables and brought our horses in. Then we groomed them and cleaned up the yard. We tacked up the horses and had our lunch quickly. After lunch we hacked the horses and ponies down to the field where there were 2 dressage arenas and a series of showjumps, also a cross country course. Soon parents started arriving, we took it in turns to ride our dressage tests. Once everybody had ridden we swapped and all had a go at the showjumping, it was great fun and everybody was smiling afterwards. When everybody had finished the jumping, it was time for the cross country..

The cross country was amazing ... we took in turns to go round a long cross country course (lead by either Hannah or Rachel.) Everybody had a great day and there were lots of smiling faces after a great day 

Thank you, Lucy! 

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