Own a horse for the holidays!

We are test running a new scheme for our Pony Club members 12 years upwards. 

Loan a horse for the holidays and be responsible for all it's care duties (feeding, mucking out, grooming, clipping, rugging, cuddling etc etc) each morning and have access to the yard as a livery client from 8.30 am to 1pm each day. 

Included in the package is a group lesson or hack each day. 

Supervision by our instructors will of course be provided throughout but the emphasis is on being as independent a horse owner as possible. 

Numbers are limited and your horse will be chosen by Hannah depending on suitability and availability but will be the same horse (let me know if you have a preference though!) 

Days running: Mon 22nd Dec, Tues 23rd Dec, Wed 24th Dec, Xmas day for the fool hardy!, Mon 29th Dec, Tues 30th Dec, new years eve, new years day, fri 2nd Jan. 

£150 per person. Contact Hannah on facebook or 07813-838081